Fly Away

Etsy pewter bird brooch

A little pewter bird brooch who appears to be coming in to land, wings flung back and feet spread ready to perch.  Oh to have the freedom to fly and return to land whenever you want.

I don’t often add such small brooches to my collection, for no other reason than they don’t often catch my eye as do the bigger statement ones but small is charming so I should make more effort.

Besides, smaller brooches are more easily wearable on a jumper or top, so you can enjoy them all day long instead of just when worn on a coat or jacket.

Sometimes people say ‘are brooches back in then?’

I don’t think they ever went out, for some reason they have been perceived as something the older generation wear but they have so much to offer as a style statement whatever age you are….

Be inventive, pin them to your jeans, hat, scarf or bag, even a shirt collar or add to a fabric belt.

To see more of my vintage collection visit MyriadLifeVintage Etsy Store.




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