It’s cool to wear clips



You don’t have to be ‘holier than thou’ to wear fabulous earrings, ho no, not when there are clip-on earrings from a deliciously glamorous time gone by to tempt you with.

Not everyone wishes to be pierced for a whole variety of reasons but of course it doesn’t mean they don’t get to wear gorgeous earrings, well not on my watch.

Etsy gold and black clip earrings 2

I started selling clip on earrings years back, mainly under the influence of my dear ol’ mum (yes I know, I can hear you mum, less of the old…) My mother is my style guru, well actually she is style guru to quite a few and my one regret in life is that she didn’t take up style consultancy or modeling, she’s way too shy but has a keen eye for what suits.

There are of course many kinds of lovely customers who love to wear clip on earrings, they are great to experiment with looks, dressing up, trying out accessories.  You can find modern or old styles but what I’m featuring here are pure vintage.

People still complain to me that clip on earrings are hard to find.  That is why I am forever seeking them out so that my collection is as diverse in colour and style as possible.  Therefore I have quite a nice collection of styles for day and evening wear.

Etsy tiger clip earrings 2

Size is everything to some… that’s why I don’t discriminate when choosing styles of earring to feature in my Etsy store.  Some like big statement jewellery while others want smaller earrings to fit in with their own look.

Apart from wanting to cater to everyone, I am forever intrigued by the inventiveness of jewellery designers who over the ages have come up with some incredibly beautiful earrings.  All the styles you can see in these images are vintage so around 25 years old or older.  The quality of the older style clip ons is impressive.  I have collected modern versions and while they are very lovely, it’s the older versions that seem to have the best quality.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you want to check out my current collection of clip on earrings please head to my Etsy store.  Keep popping back as I add new styles on a regular basis and if you are looking for something in particular feel free to let me know.  I can’t make any promises I’ll find what you are looking for but I will give it a jolly good try!

Click on the link below or any of the images shown on this post to visit my Etsy store.

Thanks for reading!

MyriadLifeVintage Etsy Store

Please note that the earrings displayed here may well have been sold by the time you visit my Etsy store but keep checking back for more!




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