Want to Buy What You See Here?



If you want to buy any of the jewellery or other vintage items that you see on this website, please just click on the image to arrive at MyriadLifeVintage’s Etsy store, alternatively click on the link above to browse the whole current collection.

Please bear in mind that when a piece is gone – it’s gone… so if you truly love the look of a brooch, ring, pair of earrings, pendant etc… don’t hesitate or leave it too long, just in case someone who has the same excellent taste as you gets to snap it up first.

When an item has been sold it will continue to appear on this site so please don’t think that because it’s visible here it’s necessarily still available but make sure you check…

The collection is available pretty much worldwide.

If you have any questions about an item please message via Etsy.

When you have been tempted to buy, you get the item and love it – please, please, please… take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to leave a review.  Reviews mean a lot to us small business types, they help us feel that we are doing things right!