Simple Class

Etsy GV130 clip earrings 2CR

Or how to be classy…

We are all individuals and influenced by everything from our up bringing to our peers, to the media.  How many of us stop to truly think about why we wear what we wear?

It’s our uniqueness that truly fascinates me.  In modern day times we can wear what we want but when you look back people didn’t have so much choice and often wore similar clothes and jewelry (depending on their means) because of this.

Style has developed over the ages and now instead of it meaning that someone knows how to dress a certain way, it means we develop our own style, our own look from a massive variety of possibilities.  Look back to the twenties for example, you can recognize the era instantly from what people wore.  I wonder if 50 years from now, people will be able to recognize 2016 fashions in the same way thanks to all the choice and mass production we have.

The best way, I think, not to become too dated is to wear classic styles.  Keep it simple like with these faux pearl and matt gold colour clip on vintage earrings.

How to be classy?  You may think you need lots of money to look classy but I disagree.  Being classy is all about how you put things together in a simple way that works well for your own individual style.  Clothes that suit your shape, a great hair cut and simple accessories are the epitome of class as far as I can see and you don’t need big bucks to achieve that.

If you would like to see more of my vintage jewelry just click on the link below to visit my Etsy store – enjoy!




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