Fabulous Fingers of Style

Etsy sarah coventry ring

Apart from bracelets, what jewelry can you gaze at easily?  Why rings of course!  It’s so easy to lift a finger to admire that which adorns it.  All you have to do is glance down to enjoy the beauty of the craftsmanship, the sparkle, the immediate sensation of love or luxury or just pure delight.

Instant gratification on a repetitive basis, that’s what rings bring!

My first ring was bought for me by a teenage sweetheart.  It was not exciting other than to me.  A straight bar of tigers eye mounted in silver.  Not the most romantic but of course special to me… while the affection lasted.

There is something so personal about a ring.  I know many people wear statement pieces or wear lots because they love variety but for me, a ring has meaning.

The next ring I received was absolutely loaded with meaning and love, a direct blast of emotion as it was a copy of my father’s ring (the original went to my brother.)  He died before my 21st birthday but this was the ring he had been given on his.  Guess who lost it when she went swimming in the sea?  Somewhere beneath the Mediterranean it lies.  Luckily another copy was made but how my heart sank with it at the time!

Rings nearly always hold some kind of meaning unlike other jewelry we might wear.

Having said that, it’s fun to wear costume fashion rings and the glamour of a time gone by is still with us thanks to the fact we like to hold on to the past.

Sarah Coventry created the ring you see above, the oldest direct selling jewelry company in the world, established in 1949 and finishing in 1984.  The company re-opened eventually under new ownership so you can buy modern Sarah Coventry pieces once again.

If you would like to buy this ring or any others via my Etsy store just click on the link below or the image above.

MyriadLifeVintage Etsy Store

Feel free to leave comments about rings that hold fond memories for you or are extra special for some reason.



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