Sublime Sphinx

In a world of the mass produced isn’t is great to think we can still create our own unique style?  We don’t have to be dictated to by current trends, we can dip into the past for inspiration or seek out handmade individually created pieces.

Modern accessories continue to be diverse and fabulous and often draw on the designs of times gone by to recreate a certain look, feel, or era.

It’s wonderful to see how creative designers are today while appreciating what has gone before and sometimes blending  the two.

The choice of materials and production methods has increased but those who produced the jewellery of yesteryear were immensely creative with how they worked too.  I often marvel at the craftsmanship of this brooch by the British designer/manufacturer Sphinx.  It’s one of my favourite pieces.  I think the imagination and skill it took to create this, back in the fifties is quite superb.

Mottled Sphinx brooch 0110

The Sphinx company was founded back in 1948 in Cheswick and it produced high quality costume jewellery for the likes of Butler & Wilson, Kenneth J Lane, Saks and many other department stores.  This point in history is probably where real mass production began to keep up with demands of the high street but as you can see, quality and beauty were certainly not compromised in any way.  These pieces were to give the look of ‘real’ jewellery at more affordable prices.

Sphinx today is very collectible and MyriadLifeVintage are always on the look out for the best examples.  Pieces are marked on the reverse with an oval cartouche bearing the manufacter’s mark Sphinx and sometimes a letter or a number or both.  On occasion you will only find the letter and number in an oval but I always think Sphinx pieces are pretty easy to recognize by the design.  Beautiful and well made.

This brooch is available (at time of publication) from the MyriadLifeVintage Etsy store.  Keep revisiting to see new pieces.

If you have a  favourite piece by Sphinx, please post a picture here, I’d love to see it.

To see more of my brooch collection please click on the link MyriadLifeVintage Brooches.



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